Lorenzo Fusi, Director, Open Eye Gallery Liverpool - "Craig Wye subtly sabotages the idea that War-related photography (as we have become accustomed to it being portrayed in Western media) can be challenged by the independent use of mobile devices. He also interrogates the truthfulness of self-generated content (distributed via social-media platforms) as opposed to the ambivalence of the media. Ultimately, insisting on the same clich├ęd images of war-zones and conflict that are portrayed in mainstream cinema, Wye simply reinforces the idea that dominant narratives of history are already ingrained in the eye of the beholder."



Karen Downey, Senior Curator, Belfast  - "A curious take on the 'low grade' aesthetic and limited perspective of images depicting violence, terrorism and war as proliferated through online news and networking sites. Despite developments in high-definition, digital imaging technologies, our access to and experience of the wider world is increasingly mediated through low quality images, which, despite their lack of detail and highly generalized content, are typically associated with ideas of authenticity and truth"